Book 4: A Poodle Derby [Narrated e-Book]

Book 4: A Poodle Derby [Narrated e-Book]
Book 4: A Poodle Derby [Narrated e-Book]
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  • Author: Toni Tuso Faber
  • Illustrator: Benton Rudd
  • Publisher: Mindstir Media (April 10, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • Format: e-Book (PDF), 13 pages

Description: The entire Poodle Derby book available as a digital download, complete with audio narration from the charming Amber Lee Connors.

Note: In order to hear the narration, you will need to open the book in an e-reader that supports the interactive PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows and Mac, and EZ PDF Reader for iOS and Android have been tested and proven to work.

Synopsis: These four frolicking poodle puppies who love to run are the first to compete in "The Poodle Talent Show." They're having "A Poodle Derby!"

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