Book 3: The Poodle Talent Show

When this lively pack of twelve poodle puppies realizes they will need to pick their new homes and new families, they resolve the problem with fun. What else but “The Poodle Talent Show”!

Book 2: Poodles in Bows

When a dozen fun-loving poodle puppies grow out of control, how can you possibly keep track of just who is who? It’s time for “Poodles in Bows”!

Book 1: Poodlemania

The Poodle Tales, “Poodlemania” is the first of twenty-four in a whimsical collection of children’s books written in rhyme. Enjoy these twelve Poodle puppies’ antics and escapades as they grow and well…become out of control. It’s definitely “Poodlemania”!