Book 13: Endings and Beginnings

Endings and Beginnings cover

Synopsis: They vowed a reunion in one year to which all poos must attend. As they leave their first home to experience great new adventures it’s…”Endings …

Book 12: The Poodle Contract

The Poodle Contract cover

Synopsis: As this lively litter of poodle puppies begins to select their final homes, they definitely need…”The Poodle Contract”!

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Book 11: Every Poo Loves The Zoo

Book 11: Every Poo Loves The Zoo cover

Synopsis: After such hard work on “The Poodle Talent Show”, these puppies deserve an outing. They are about …

Book 10: The Full Service Poodle

The Full Service Poodle cover

Synopsis: His black and white coat resembled a tuxedo and he loved to learn new activities. He became…”The Full Service Poodle”!

Book 9: The Modeling Poo

This gorgeous silver bowed poodle who loves to play dress up is soon to become…”The Modeling Poo”!

Book 8: Poo Agility Stars

The two super active Poodles who love to show off their acrobatic skills are about to become…”Poo Agility Stars”!

Book 7: The Ballerina Poodle

How does the smallest Poodle of all overcome her shyness? She becomes …”The Ballerina Poodle!”

Book 6: The Poo Detective

Born with such a big nose, this sweet little poodle boy was so sad, he cried himself to sleep each night. Who knew he would become famous as…”The Poo Detective!”

Book 5: The Skateboarding Poodle

Where does a spunky poodle puppy go when he disappears each day? He’s practicing to be “The Skateboarding Poo!”

Book 4: A Poodle Derby

These four frolicking poodle puppies who love to run are the first to compete in “The Poodle Talent Show.” They’re having “A Poodle Derby!”