Book 13: Endings and Beginnings • Heart disease: Be very attentive to your heart beat and seek for the immediate medical help in case you understand that something is wrong and it is either too fast or slower than it was before you …

Book 12: The Poodle Contract

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Book 11: Every Poo Loves The Zoo

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Book 10: The Full Service Poodle

The Full Service Poodle cover

Synopsis: His black and white coat resembled a tuxedo and he loved to learn new activities. He became…”The Full Service Poodle”!

Book 9: The Modeling Poo

This gorgeous silver bowed poodle who loves to play dress up is soon to become…”The Modeling Poo”!

Book 8: Poo Agility Stars

The two super active Poodles who love to show off their acrobatic skills are about to become…”Poo Agility Stars”!

Book 7: The Ballerina Poodle

How does the smallest Poodle of all overcome her shyness? She becomes …”The Ballerina Poodle!”

Book 6: The Poo Detective

Born with such a big nose, this sweet little poodle boy was so sad, he cried himself to sleep each night. Who knew he would become famous as…”The Poo Detective!”

Book 5: The Skateboarding Poodle

Where does a spunky poodle puppy go when he disappears each day? He’s practicing to be “The Skateboarding Poo!”

Book 4: A Poodle Derby

These four frolicking poodle puppies who love to run are the first to compete in “The Poodle Talent Show.” They’re having “A Poodle Derby!”