Dog Enclosures

Dog Enclosures

Modular PVC Pet Enclosures

Design your own pet enclosures with Rover Company's modular enclosure system, or choose one of or convenient, pre-configured enclosure systems.

These PVC dog and pet enclosures can be arranged in any configuration you need, and the available door panels, stabilizers, floors, and whelping accessories ensure that you can customize your enclosure to meet your exact needs, and best of all, our puppy pens won't harm your pet's teeth or damage their coat.

Our Rover pet enclosure pens are made entirely of vinyl plastic, and with good reason! This heavy-duty industrial strength PVC is far superior to any other material used to make dog pens and many pet products. The vinyl plastic has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. You might be amazed as to how strong and durable our pet products are, and yet pleasantly surprised that they are so light in weight.

The uniquely engineered parts are made from a molded PVC vinyl which offers unmatched strength, incredible durability, and a material that will last for years! Our PVC vinyl won't rust, rot, mold, peel, or flake and all of our products are made right here in the U.S.A.!

Cleaning the pens could not be easier. For most dirt and stains, just hose it off! For more stubborn stains, spray on all-purpose Simple Green Anti Bacterial can be used. Our puppy pens never need painting; the vinyl is the same color all the way through, so it will never scratch off.

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