Dog Beds

Dog Beds

PVC Indoor & Outdoor Elevated Dog Beds

Rover Company manufactures the worlds finest portable elevated dog beds, made entirely of PVC plastic. This durable lightweight material is also used to produce an attractive, easy care outdoor PVC dog bed that offers maximum comfort and durability.

These dog beds allow a full 360 degree air circulation to help prevent coat matting and skin irritation, as well as providing a very comfortable resting place for your pet that even a pillow or cushion cannot match. Keep your dog dry and comfortable both indoors and out!

Our dog bed covers won't hold or sustain fleas, moisture, or odor, and the durable bed surface can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Putting your dog bed together is a breeze, with no tools required, and only a few simple steps to assemble and disassemble. The molded PVC frame and vinyl mat won't rust, rot, mold, splinter, flake or peel.

Choose from a variety of fabric colors:

Autumn Fern

Birch Forest

Forest Green

Sea Isle Blue

Choosing an Appropriate Pet Bed Size

Choose from six sizes that are designed to fit any dog. Extra large dog bed sizes support up to 250 lbs. to hold even the largest of dogs. Click on the sizes below to browse our current selection:

Recommended Sizes

Size Suggested Pet Weight
12" x 18" Small Dog Bed up to 20 lbs
18" x 24" Dog Bed    20 to 35 lbs
24" x 30" Dog Bed 35 to 55 lbs
30" x 36" Dog Bed 55 to 85 lbs
36" x 48" Large Dog Bed 80 to 200 lbs
36" x 60" Extra Large Dog Bed 100 to 250 lbs

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