30" x 4' x 8' PVC Dog Cage Crate with Sealed Floor

30" x 4' x 8' PVC Dog Cage Crate with Sealed Floor
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These units come highly recommended by Professional Veterinarians and Groomers worldwide.

PVC Dog Cage Crate with Sealed Floor is designed for temporary containment, ideal for travel or hotel use.

Size: 30" high x 4' wide x 8' long.

Available Colors: White.

  • NOTE: This product is not designed for assertive or aggressive dogs.
  • Comfortable, attractive and safe for your pets.
  • Puppy Pen Door allows easy and controlled access for you and your dogs.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Highly portable, modular, and expandable/dividable.
  • Made out of Heavy Duty Industrial Strength PVC.
  • Ideal for napping, relaxing and playing in a controlled environment.
  • Lightweight and extremely durable.
  • Ideal for breeders, kennels and home use.
  • Assembles quickly without the use of tools.
  • Heavy duty but lightweight and modular.
  • Perfect for those dogs who like their own sleeping compartment.
  • All floors are sealed from the factory for years of service.

Optional X Pen Cover can be purchased.

Please watch this PVC x pen assembly video below.

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